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Domenico Bocchetti has developed a considerable expertise in financial and business area since 1987 and he was an Auditor, an Expert Witness of the Court and a Receiver.

He has also played managerial roles in various companies promoting territorial development   initiatives and projects of territorial development especially in the Sea Field.

As an Expert Witness, he has authored many articles published in Magazines and Newspapers.

To date, he combines the profession of external consultant for numerous industrial and service companies, especially in the area of pools, and the company management of noteworthy entrepreneurial realities, also focusing on the phenomenon of association, no-profit, social cooperative movement in the southern economic scene.

  • Auditor of various companies during the period from 1989-1993;
  • Auditor (1993):
  • Author of numerous articles published in magazines and newspapers;
  • Member of the Tax and Labour Consulting Firm “Gismondi” (1993);
  • Expert Witness of the Court in the area of economy, administration, accounting, finance (1994);
  • Receiver (1994);
  • Director of the “Nauticon Consorzio Flegreo Operatori della Nautica” (1995);
  • Member of the “Working Group for the redevelopment of the activities of the Phlegraean coasts”, the body established and chaired by the Mayor of Bacoli (1996);
  • Member of the National Editorial Committee of the “Cetem” and “Elmedi” Companies – Milan (1996);
  • On behalf of some political refugees he was a reference consultant for the city of Naples in contact with the “ACNUR National Council of Political Refugees” (1996);
  • Consultant of the association for district local street markets “De Bustis” (1996);
  • Promoter of the Territorial Pact of the Phlegraean Fields as Director of the “Nauticon” (1997);
  • Member of the editorial board of the magazine “Obiettivo Professione” (1997);
  • Member of the “Sea Resources” Committee of the aforementioned Territorial Pact (1998);
  • Expert witness in various judicial and extrajudicial appointments in company disputes;
  • Consultant to the ARCI PESCA FISA Regional Committee (1998);
  • Sole Director of the company “Miseno Mare Srl” (1999);
  • Member of the Board of Directors of “Consorzio PROMIS Promozione Miseno” (2000);
  • Chairman of the Board of Auditors of the Pool “CO.PRO.GEST. Pool for the promotion and protection of fuel distribution plants”(2000);
  • Consultant of the Pool “CONBAL Consorzio Balneari Flegrei” (2000);
  • Administrative consultant for the “Neapolitan Jewish Community” (2000);
  • Standing auditor of “I. ME.TRA. arl “, a consortium company and clothing and footwear purchasing group (2003);
  • Consultant of the “Italian Naval League”, district of Bacoli (2003);
  • Consultant of “CO.C.R. Consorzio Camaldoli Ristoratori  “(2003);
  • Consultant of the “Consorzio Puteoli Mare ” (2004);
  • Consultant of the “Consorzio Nautico Flegreo” (2004);
  • Member of the Board of Directors of “EXOFORM SCARL”;
  • Teacher, expert in yachting and nautical sector, High Technical Education and Training, year 2004 5 AZ. J.1 – F.S.E. ,Course of higher technical education and training: “Technical High School for the organization and marketing of integrated tourism”in A.T.S. with the University Parthenope – “Duca degli Abruzzi” Nautical Institute – ONLUS Mankind Project – Nauticon Consortium 2004/2005;
  • Administrative consultant of “Dentaris s.a.” (Switzerland) a medical articles production company (2009);
  • Partner of the “Vox” Tax Firm in Rome (2009);
  • Business consultant of CONSORTIUM GE.PO. COAST, a national body for the management of the Phlegraean coastlines (2009);
  • Chairman of CONSORTIUM GE.PO. COAST (2010);
  • Person in charge of legal audit of GBR Group srl working in the gold and precious metals sector;
  • Business consultant for Italian and foreign companies, in the leather goods sector, for “Made in Italy” production (2010);
  • Professional partner of the law firm “EASYLAW European Attorneys at law” in Paris specialized in legal advice in the field of trademarks and company patents  (2010);
  • Professional partner of “Business & Legal GMBH” (Switzerland) administrative, technical, legal advice company for the internationalization of companies (2010);
  • Reference partner of the tax and labour business advice company “Business in Progress srl” of Milan (2011);
  • Professional partner of the company “BSC Business Sales & Consulting srl” of Naples (2011).
  • Reference partner of the tax and labour consultancy firm “Ergon Consulting S.r.l.” of Milan (2012);
  • Member of the working group in charge of the study of customs practice “Temporary Export” from Pelletteria Montblanc (2012)
  • Consultant for the “made in” for Coroc of Casablanca (Morocco) for the production of leather goods;
  • Consultant for the internationalization of the “Bellabicchi” fashion house in Istanbul (Turkey);
  • Professional partner of SwissConsultants GMBH (Switzerland) administrative-technical-legal consulting firm for companies.
  • Member of the promoter committee of the People’s Bank of Tourism and Trade SCPA (2014);
  • Consultant for the internationalization of the Moroccan fashion house”JessycaLay”;
  • Consultant for the commercial expansion and tax strategies of LVM srl, the licensee of the “Marinella Denim” brand; (2015)
  • Producer of the “The eatalyans” brand in the food & fashion sector in collaboration with “Agripromos” special company of the Chamber of Commerce of Naples; (2015)
  • Consultant of the Capri Lifestyle srl, organizer of the “Maremoda Capri” fashion event; (2015)
  • Sole Director of Gestimode srl, in Milan, for the administrative management of companies in the fashion industry; (2016)
  • Tax Representative of the French commercial company “Elephin; (2017)
  • Legal representative of the secondary office of the Albanian company “Bindi Communication”; (2017)
  • Member of the Board of Directors of VRent S.R.L; (2017).

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