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It is the "milestone" of the group. The origin and the education of the protagonists. The history and the value of the expertise. Founded fifty years ago and today directed by Lucia D'Antonio, the firm was a breeding ground for many young people, who are currently accountants and were taught both how they should work and how they should behave by Mario Gismondi.


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The group takes advantage of the expertise and support of this debt collection company with skilled human resources and special hard-software. Registered in the UNIREC, founded in 2015, organized for the estimate, checks and operations on company receivables: from solvency conditions to collection methods; from extra-judicial domiciliary and non-legal collection, to the legal one and the non-recourse assignments and tax and civil law repercussions of losses. Certifications, reports and wide-ranging surveys with specific budget analysis and evaluations, case by case. Collaborations in the financial sector are very prominent.

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The operative arm of the structure, the keeping of the company accounts and the production of the tax obligations of the clients are fundamental for its activity. People in charge of development of papers, final balances, statistics and declarations thanks to the technological support of electronic equipment and systems and a cutting-edge software equipment. Clear and standardized procedures suitable for developing preparatory papers for the execution of exhaustive company consultancy for customers.

Bocchetti & Partners

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The other professional body of the network manages the "Technical" operativeness of the entire group and is responsible for setting up the procedures in all offices. It organizes and manages the "in-company"consultancy. It assigns roles and defines tasks for people in the workforce and the related tasks. It focuses on business needs, it directs interventions and, more generally, designs strategies and paths with respect to objectives to be achieved

Idee di Imprese

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It is the "Experimental" company of the network, the one of new initiatives. Promotion, strategies and newco are its "Core Business". It develops, implements projects and external communication of clients; it checks conditions and perspectives of new initiatives, develops networks, relations, contacts and synergies at a national and international level thanks to profitable professional collaborations with foreign firms. Then It contributes to the expansion of brands and formats. It is also susceptible to the “playful” charm of contemporary art exhibitions and the show of formats for quality food. Recently there has been the sponsorship of important sporting enterprises. It is thanks to it that numerous aggregation strategies in various sectors, as well as suggestive projects of internationalization between companies were developed.

Pubblicità & Marketing

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Pubblicità & Marketing il tuo portale per il futuro. Pubblicità & Marketing si occupa della comunicazione delle aziende, sviluppa piani per la gestione dell'immagine a 360 gradi per le varie società attraverso sia tutti i canali tradizionali che moderni, internet, web-TV, e tutto quello che offre il mercato attuale. Non solo raccolta pubblicitaria per i suoi mass media (giornali, sito internet, trasmissioni televisive, social), ma la cura dell'immagine del cliente società.

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